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Carving Custom Light-switch Covers

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Add character to your home with relief- and chip-carved accents

My idea for carved light-switch covers came to me one day while shopping at my local home improvement store. I realized home owners are leaning toward a more customized look for their homes. Light-switch covers are a quick and easy way to add handcarved accents to your home décor.

I soon had custom carvings on every light switch in my home. My first covers included screw holes to secure them in place. While fitting the covers, I realized if the center hole was cut to fit tightly around the switch, screws were unnecessary.

See issue #46 for full step-by-step instructions.

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vegasbanjoplayer on 07/20/2012 22:02:38
I'm slowly learning you can do anything with wood! It's a small detail in a house but the details are what makes the difference. That is a great idea and project. :]
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