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Carving a Scandinavian-Style Troll Queen

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image The Troll Queen is easy to carve and paint

Classic flat-plane design is a great beginner caricature

In the Spring 2011 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, Harley Refsal shares step-by-step instructions for carving and painting a Scandinavian-style Troll Queen.

The Troll Queen is the perfect mate to the Troll Harley carved for a previous issue (Summer 2004).

An expert in Scandinavian culture, Harley teaches the techniques of Scandinavian-style flat-plane carving across the United States and in Norway.

In this minimalist folk-art style, large, flat areas called "planes" are left intact on a finished carving. As in other styles of whittling, carvers frequently use just one knife for their work.

Recently retired from Luther College, Harley is also the author of Whittling Little Folk (available April 2011) and The Art and Technique of Scandinavian-Style Woodcarving, both available from Fox Chapel.

When Harley came to the office and demonstrated the process of carving the Troll Queen, we took more photos than we could fit in the magazine. Scroll down to see steps from the carving process from a different angle or photos that we took between the steps.

For complete instructions on how to carve the Troll Queen, see Woodcarving Illustrated Spring 2011 (Issue 54)

wci54  Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood  Art & Technique of Scandanavian Style Woodcarving

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Robert Cahill on 02/04/2011 10:46:53
I am looking forward to that project but where is the tail I thought Harley said all trolls he had actually seen had tails
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