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Folk-Art Fish Keychain holder

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image Use the simple pattern as a guide to carve this folk-art design

Create a matching keychain holder for all of your carved fish keychains

In the Summer 2013 Woodcarving Illustrated (Issue 63), John Reichling demonstrated how to carve a folk-art fish keychain. He also provided this keychain holder.

To make the holder, cut the outline of the design and carve as many details as you'd like.

Drill 1/4" (6mm)-diameter holes where indicated and glue short lengths of 1/4" (6mm)-diameter dowel into the holes to hold the key rings.

You can attach a hanger to the back to mount it on the wall, or attach it to a larger dowel attached to a decorative base (like John did).

Lurecraft  Whittling Folk-Art Style Fishing Lures

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Comments (9 posted):

qdraw1 on 05/07/2013 10:01:58
what is the overall length?
BobD on 05/07/2013 10:33:46
About 15-1/2".
MichelleOH on 06/20/2013 16:06:11
I have a couple questions about the keychains themselves… Are primer and shellac necessary? I'm guessing the primer makes the colors brighter, But what does the shellac do? Does it just give them a wet, fishy look?
trapperjohnwoodcarver on 06/21/2013 18:52:08
Michelle, Primer and shellac are not necessary. Primer seals the wood for easier application of color especially if dry brushing. The amber shellac helps to reduce the starkness of the colors and helps to blend them by actually slightly changing colors. Shellac does make the finish shiny. I like to spray Krylon Matte over the fish when its all done. Just my preference. These are "Folk Art" which means to me, use whatever you have; experiment and have fun!
MichelleOH on 06/21/2013 19:54:32
Excellent, thanks! I will experiment with them. ;)
Midnight Carver on 06/21/2013 21:37:20
I didn't have shellac, so after painting and a light sanding I used a real light wash of burnt umber to tone the colors down then sealed it with Deft satin spray. It was a fun little project
trapperjohnwoodcarver on 06/22/2013 08:59:33
Good idea! I have also used a dark oil base stain. Slop it on and wipe off right away. Nice effect.
Bob K. on 06/22/2013 10:45:12
I did the exact same thing as Midnight Carver. I liked the result.
trapperjohnwoodcarver on 06/22/2013 13:08:32
I'm really glad to see that people are having fun carving and experimenting with the keychains!
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