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    Giant Squirrel Wip

    Started this squirrel today. He will be 4 feet high, holding an acorn, white pine. I've never done a squirrel before, should be fun. People request the strangest things. If anyone has done squirrels before feel free to post them here.

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    Re: Giant Squirrel Wip

    Hi Jay, Lookin good so far! HEre is one I did a while go & hope it helps?
    Thanks, Robbin

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    Re: Giant Squirrel Wip

    Hey Robbin, thanks for posting that, I remember your squirrel now. Hope mine turns out as well as yours.

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    Re: Giant Squirrel Wip

    Well the guy never showed up for the squirrel, second time, Last December 2009 and Dec. 2010. So I figured I would turn the carving into something little more sellable.
    Canadian Beaver. I just cut off the ears, changed the tail, added the teeth and a Maple Leaf.

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    Re: Giant Squirrel Wip

    Nice save Jay.
    I really like the Beaver.
    See you soon.


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    Re: Giant Squirrel Wip

    Got a good start, looking forward in seeing it finished. Merle

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    Re: Giant Squirrel Wip

    Mine are on a bit of a smaller scale, one of the first chainsaw carvings I did, though I did use a bit of hand tools and a wire brush in a drill for the fir.

    It still one of my favorite carvings and one I wont sell.

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