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lolygaggin 01-26-2009 09:37 PM

Has Anyone Used This - radarcarve?
I saw on the internet a Tool for carving duplicates... Radarcarve.net Has anyone used this machine and can give an opinion? Thankyou.

lolygaggin 01-26-2009 09:45 PM

Carving Duplicator
I saw this on the internet, and I am curious: radarcarve.net
Has anyone used this machine yet and can give some feedback?

nadcarves 01-26-2009 10:46 PM

Re: Has Anyone Used This?
This type of copy machine is so much money to do so little work...Get, and modify a Terrco 110 or 200.You can do so much more, when you outfit those puppies with Naylors cutters and get away from router bits..DON'T ASSUME..Example Three dimensional carving...In the round, and relief are both three dimensional..Am I not correct? Of course I am, but which can his toy do and which is he assuming you will assume it can do?. Second point. a horizontal machine usually uses compression or screws into the master and copy piece ..Wear safety shoes, stone will fall out.You can't copy anything you can't jam in or screw in...I repaired a 1700's ceramic Japanese figure for a gal. She then wanted it duplicated, which I did. Then she comes tearing over to the house, don't copy it!! Turns out the little dear, gave half the job to someone else..He managed to drop that origional out of his copy machine.I repaired it and copied it as well.. If you have to throw away money, pay me for the consulting I would have done for free, and you would not have listened to. What would a fair price for a 6 1/2 FOOT long horm blower angel, 24 inches high be....4 inches thick? Folk art style antiqued ??? thank you, cordially NAD:Jester:Being a jester has advantages//But save your money until you know exactally what the product will do. Paying too much is now UnAmerican..

lolygaggin 01-28-2009 09:28 AM

Re: Has Anyone Used This - radarcarve?
I assume from your tone that 1)you have never used this machine, and 2) you probably have a stake in Terrco somehow. I am really after an honest opinion of the radarcarve from someone who has used it. I have used a terrco myself and was not pleased, and so I sold it. It is fine for carving small figures, but it was poor at carving claw and ball chair legs, which is what I need for my furniture making. The radarcarve looks like it would be great at that, and they have a lifetime guarantee on it. Once again, is there anyone that has used one and can tell me about it without all the disparaging hearsay? Sandy

AlArchie 01-28-2009 11:24 AM

Re: Has Anyone Used This - radarcarve?
I posted your question over here Wood Magazine ProductionForums

There are a lot of professional wood WORKERS over there and you might get more responses. (no offense meant to the CARVERS here).

Check the link and follow any response on your own.


AlArchie 01-28-2009 02:46 PM

Re: Has Anyone Used This - radarcarve?
Lollygagin, here's a response from a RadarCarve user over on Wood Mag's site. Sounds like he uses it for just what you are planning and is quite happy with the product.

"I am new to this site... caught it just browsing around. But what really caught my eye, and made me register is that I saw this post, and I have a Radarcarve duplicator. I am a furniture maker and have gone through a number of different machines over the years. I got one of these about a year ago, and I use it to do all sorts of stuff, especially chair and table legs such as Ball & Claw, Queen Anne, etc. (no... I don't need any more work). I even carved several new stocks for my hunting rifles. It is a fantastic machine, and suits me perfectly for what I use it for. I can say from experience that it actually came COMPLETE, right out of the box, for a reasonable price. I don't even think they have accessories for it. It has it's limitations: It is not best for intricate small figure carving, but excels at things like rifle stocks and furniture parts. A friend of mine has one also (that is how I heard about it), and he is a gunsmith that does everything gun related, including gun stocks. He carves some very very expensive stocks for customers, and it was he that praised it and made me get one in the first place.`I'm glad"

lolygaggin 01-28-2009 08:05 PM

Re: Has Anyone Used This - radarcarve?
Al... Thanks! I got in touch with John Portwood, the fellow that said he had a Radarcarve, and he also put me in touch with Stan, his gunsmith friend. Turns out that Stan also carves spokes for his antique cars with the carving duplicator, and he had some high praise for it (I have an old Buick that needs new spokes). I called Radarcarve and talked with them, and I was offered the complete machine, with the long steel bars needed for $985, delivered! I just wanted to thank you for passing along my post, and thereby answering my question so fast. And thanks to the folks at radarcarve.net for the generous offer. Sandy

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