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Carving Three Leaves

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image Learn basic relief carving techniques as you carve three leaves

An introductory video a simple relief carving project












This introductory video covers the first five steps to carve the simplist of the three leaves. Complete video instructions for carving all three leaves can be found on Chris Pye's Woodcarving Workshops, www.woodcarvingworkshops.tv. Complete step-by-step instructions and the three patterns are available in Woodcarving Illustrated Fall 2012 (Issue 60).

Of course, relief carvings can be a lot more complicated - you'll find other examples in Chris' books ('Relief Carving in Wood' and 'Woodcarving - A Practial Course' in particular).


Chris Pye's Woodcarving Course & Reference Manual  Wood Spirits and Green Men


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Comments (5 posted):

BobD on 09/17/2012 08:13:09
Thanks for your feedback, Bill. We appreciate it. Can you clarify what you mean by "If it had been adequately described, I would not have watched it."? Do you mean what we described in the magazine, or in the text accompanying the video on our website? I'm sorry you were disappointed. We intended the video to be a supplement to the article we had in the magazine. Best Regards, Bob Duncan Technical Editor
BobD on 09/19/2012 08:50:21
Thanks so much for your feedback, Bill. I've edited the text to more clearly define the parameters of the video. I can see why you'd be frustrated, and I'm sorry you feel like you wasted your time watching the video. Best Regards, Bob Duncan Technical Editor
RUssL. on 09/20/2012 12:59:54
Bill W. writes: "I mean on this website. It plainly says: An introductory video to relief carving using three simple leaves. " Indeed it does "...plainly say..." "introductory video..." The operative word being "Introductory". Nothing was stated, implied or misrepresented as a full scale carving education in relief carving. I thought it was a great introduction. If anything, it falls short as an advertisement! ;-) Russ
BobD on 09/24/2012 08:21:06
Thanks for your feedback, Bill. Best Regards, Bob Duncan Technical Editor
D Rambler on 09/25/2012 22:58:22
Bob, I really like the idea of authors posting videos to accompany articles in the magazine, even if they are just intro videos for a product they are selling. Even just the setup of the holding device etc. is good for beginners to see, every little bit helps. I think it would be great if Ian Norbury posted a 13 minute intro clip for that eye carving article, or if Mark Gargac would do likewise for a woodspirit article or Santa ornament. Or an intro video for the oak leaf bowl in the last issue, or a clip from Dylan Goodson's relief carving video or Larry Nowell's Abe Lincoln video from carvingvideos.com. The more videos to accompany articles the better. It would be great to see a whole video, but even part of a video is something, and that would be a nice addition if it was part of every issue. Cheers, Derrick
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