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Author Denny Rogers, holds multiple degrees in visual communications, graphic design and illustration with a Master's degree in product design/manufacturing from Illinois State University. He taught design and illustration at ISU, and has done doctoral work in bronze sculpture and foundry technology. Denny has crafted numerous limited-edition bronze sculptures of animal, religious, and presidential subjects in cooperation with The White House and Presidential archives. His life-size bronze statue of an American Bald Eagle in dramatic flight, Winged Magnificence, was chosen by President Ronald Reagan for his second inaugural and by Vice President Bush's committee for the Texas Sesquicentennial. His woodcarvings have been featured in national woodcarving and art publications, and his animal physiology illustrated reference books have been used by woodcarvers around the world to secure contracts, win blue ribbons, best of show, state, national and world championships, and earn induction into the White House permanent collection and other prestigious world collections. Denny has worked as a museum exhibit artist and has used his design, sculpture, and construction skills as a special effects artist in the movie industry. A lifelong outdoorsman and wilderness enthusiast, Denny lives with his wife, Carol in rural Bloomington, Illinois.

Artistic endeavors - Article featured in llinois State University alumni magazine

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